About Us

Krider Sports Group began in 2005 with the launch of the Pond Rocket Cup 4 on 4 Adult Hockey Tournament in Vankleek Hill, Ontario. We have expanded the Pond Rocket concept into London and Kingston, Ontario with other cities on our radar as well. Our 4 on 4 hockey tournaments with adapted rules to speed up the play makes the games fast and exiting for players and fans alike. We strive to make all of our events memorable experiences for everyone involved.

In 2011 we partnered with NHL Linesman Steven Barton to launch the Steve Barton Hockey Academy in Hawkesbury, Ontario. The camp attracts over 120 youths from the area to participate in power skating and skill development sessions as well as dry land/off ice training and goalie specific training.

In 2013 we added broomball to our portfolio with the Herb's Pond Rocket Broomball Championship in Vankleek Hill. We are currently exploring options in curling, fishing, cycling, and beach volleyball. We are continuously on the lookout for new opportunities and would welcome any inquiries or proposals. We are also always looking for good team members and partners who have an entrepreneurial spirit.
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